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Melbourne based artists and researchers Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett have worked closely with one another for some years, collaboratively producing four award-winning bodies of work. Their combined practices have developed a substantial thread that tethers between their arts practice and made it possible for them to represent their ideas and philosophies collectively at key moments in the creative process. During their exhibitions they present collaborative and solo new works.

Their practices are sustained by significant research collaborations with scientists and environmental data organisations. The conceptual underpinnings of their work complement one another. Symons’ work is politically charged, discussing the moral and ethical consequences of ecological decisions. Targett’s seemingly beautiful and intricately crafted works chart landmarks of anthropocentric disaster that cannot be found on any atlas or world map. These dark wonders of the natural world offer an insight into a ‘super ecology’ in which the natural and artificial have become inextricably linked within one natural system: An ecosystem of universal proportions from which no part is immune from the changes of its counterparts.

Selected Previous Collaborative Projects:

The Catchments Project -

Creative Space's Carlton Connect Studio, Lab 14, February - June 2015.

DSC_6605 copy









The Politics of Perception –                                                

Latrobe Regional Gallery, April 2015.

5. Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett - The Politics of Perception - Installations View. Latrobe Regional Gallery. Artworks Shown - Back wall - D.Symons- Amazonia. Right - J.Targett - Blind Spot.








Making Sense -

Craft Victoria, September 2011.

DSC_5557 copy




Antarctica Dissolving Perception -                                     

c3 Contemporary Art Space, 2009.


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