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Inside the Realm of Invisible Spheres

Inside the Realm of Invisible Spheres

In 2009 Debbie Symons and I collaborated on our first exhibition together 'Inside the Realm of Invisible Spheres'. The exhibition was the beginning of a research collaboration that stems between our practices today and has resulted in many more collaborative exhibitions and works.

Exhibition Excerpt:

Inside the realm of invisible spheres combines the works of Jasmine Targett and Debbie Symons, who are both currently completing a Masters of Fine Art at Monash University. These works explore the shifts of perception that occur when our awareness of reality through observation is deconstructed, exposing a rupture in the natural order. Spheres and bubbles with their infinite and sensitive boundaries mark out fragile positive and negative spaces. The circumnavigations of such realms/arenas hold the potential to deconstruct vision as it is magnified, and collapse the entire framework of the compartmentalized world.

Atmosphere 14

Jasmine's Work:

Molecules are made up of atoms; a recent discovery proves these fundamental building blocks to be ninety-nine percent empty. While eluding the human eye, the atom reveals in its nature perceptual shifts that occur when scientifically deconstructing the fabric of the universe. Prism-like bubbles and spheres have unique geometries that offer tangible allegories for optically impossible and complex spaces. Elemental bubbles are exposed by the transient nature of light to describe the entwined inner web of form and formlessness that is apparent in their make up. At the cellular level the shape of the forms that describe our biological building blocks, inextricably link us via magnification to the macrocosmic scale. This shift in perception narrows our view but also widens our understanding of transient nature of the world.


Debbie's Work:

Throughout history, man’s changing relationship with nature has informed the development of both our philosophical and our sociological understandings. In the current climate the conundrum of our relentless recording and documenting of the earth’s ecology is the inaction. We traverse issues of global importance, circumnavigating scientific documentation with it rarely altering our perceptions. We are encompassed in our dominating societies and alienated to the diminishing microscopic natural world. The works submitted seek to address the consequentiality of our anthropogenic glaze and the predicted precursor, the elimination of significant symbiotic biodiversity. The trajectory of current melting in the Antarctic (and Arctic) has multi faceted implications.


Dissolving Perception

Collaborative Installation:

Antarctica Dissolving Perception is based on a collaborative research project with artists Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett addressing the three central issues surrounding the scientific documentation of decreased ozone over Antarctica during the last twenty years. The work features three hand blown glass domes with hand cut, etched and sandblasted glass data maps that explore the potential implications the forecast for decreasing ice implies. Through shifting scale the domes act similarly to a microscope, magnifying the areas of impact on the ice over the landmass.

Data Sourced from : National Snow and Ice Data Center




Article: Inside the Realm of Invisible Spheres

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