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Jasmine in Wonderland at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Jasmine in Wonderland at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

In 2012 I was invited to exhibit in ‘Wonderland’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei curated by the extraordinary talents of Miss Annie Ivanova.

‘Wonderland’ is a survey of innovative contemporary art emerging from Australia, the exhibition will feature works from 24 award-winning artists.

The first multi-art form survey exhibition of Australian art in Taiwan, Wonderland: New Contemporary Art from Australia expresses the dynamic processes of rethinking Australia’s identity and its place in the Asia-Pacific region. It promotes the values of respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, openness and tolerance, creative innovation and excellence, and a growing sense of environmental responsibility.

In surveying contemporary art the exhibition brings an unusual cross-section of media, art forms and processes, including interactive installations, globally networked experiences, cutting edge moving images, as well as numerous project realised through art and science collaborations.

Artists include: Bindi Cole, Daniel Crooks, Anna Davern, Alex Davies, Elizabeth Delfs, Julie Dowling, Matthew Gardiner, Matthew Gingold, Chris Henschke, George Khut, Fiona Lowry, Jasmine Targett, Jess MacNeil, Jon McCormack, Cath Robinson, Julie Ryder, Kuuki (Priscilla Bracks, Gavin Sade), Kylie Stillman, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, Martin Walch and Yvette Coyle.


Accompanying the exhibition will be a 200 page catalogue in English and Chinese featuring essays from -

Annie Ivanova

John Gregory

Robert Nelson

And many more....





Article: Jasmine in Wonderland at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

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