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Jasmine Targett + Debbie Symons awarded $20k Residency

Jasmine Targett + Debbie Symons awarded $20k Residency

We are thrilled to announce that Melbourne Artists Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett have been awarded the first Artist in Residence at Creative Spaces: Carlton Connect Studio for their new body of work -The Catchments Project. The City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program has established a studio at the Carlton Connect Initiative’s (CCI), LAB-14, with the specific intention of positioning artists amongst researchers, academics and entrepreneurs addressing issues of sustainability and resilience.

The Catchments Project is a part of the Art+Climate=Change Festival: April – May 2015.

During their residency Symons and Targett will create three new research based works that address the challenge and complexity of Climate Change Adaptation surrounding reduced rainfall and drought. Making Water Visible, The Water Harvest and Getting Busy, focus on innovative ways of visualising, contributing to and enhancing Melbourne’s waterways and catchments.

Research Overview-

Artwork 1 – Making Water Visible, will map Melbourne’s existing natural water system, making the unseen network of organic resources and ground water catchments visible.

Artwork 2 – The Water Harvest is an interactive installation that actively educates/engages the community to contribute to The City of Melbourne’s strategy to harvest 30% of water from alternative sources by 2018.

Artwork 3 – Getting Busy is a research project to produce an artwork that seeks to find new ways to engage the public in the health of our waterways and mitigate pollutant levels (The City of Melbourne’s 20% Nitrogen reduction target by 2018).

The completed works will be completed and exhibited during the Art+Climate=Change Festival-

Exhibition Opening: 6-8pm April 30 2015, Carlton Connect Studio, Lab 14


To view the project Media Release please click here

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