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Two years in the making, Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett's exhibition 'Making Sense' opened on September 8th, 2011 at CRAFT.

Making Sense combines the works of Targett and Symons’ which investigate both atmospheric and political interests in the ecological conundrum.

Exhibition excerpt-

The way we make sense of the world has dramatically altered in recent years due to the vast amounts of scientific data, regarding the environmental dilemma. The conceptual challenge presented within the works focuses on three central questions:

-How has science changed the way we view nature, and how has this heightened ecological awareness changed our world view?
-How do contemporary artists through craft and design communicate ideas of such complex magnitude?
-How can craft materials be used in innovative ways to discuss ethereal constructs of nature such as the ozone and species decline?

The body of work presented unravels the earth’s life support system, placing a lens over our questioning perception and collected historical data, simultaneously exploring micro and macrocosmic scale. The exhibition researches the atmosphere of rediscovery surrounding environmental aesthetics, discussing the impact of multifaceted aspects of scientific examination.

Through contemporary craft methods, Symons and Targett consciously use materials that reflect the concepts investigated in their works. Targett’s work addresses awareness of the earth’s atmosphere through contemporary and historical mapping. Utilising dichroic glass as an innovative medium, the work revaluates the material’s original use for the visor of space suit helmets by drawing a parallel between the innate protective qualities of the material shielding the astronaut from the sun in the same manner the ozone protects the earth.

The historical, political and environmental predicament surrounding Antarctic and its waters is explored in Symons drawing and video works. By using a historical government archive, Symons maps the impermanence of the climate and landscape, charting the multifaceted effects within this region on the 60 migratory species that rely on the area.

Making Sense is the fourth exhibition in which Symons and Targett have collaborated. They have worked closely with one another for some years, developing a substantial thread that tethers between their arts practice. The conceptual underpinnings of their work complement one another. This has made it possible for them to represent their ideas and philosophies collectively at key moments in the creative process.

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