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New works profiled by United Nations for Climate Change Summit

New works profiled by United Nations for Climate Change Summit

In the lead up to COP24 the United Nations Climate Change Conference next week the World Meteorological Organization has published a global climate bulletin highlighting the work of leading international artists and arts organisations.

The article highlights my recent works on Ozone Eating Clouds that both educate and raise awareness on visible man-made weather phenomena.

The United Nations aims to create a global community of practice for artists working in this area.  “Jasmine's work is an excellent example as she aims to celebrate the things her local community is doing while engaging them on the broader, complex issues and wields her craft to empower.”

Empowering through art - “If you scare someone you dis-empower them, we need to communicate information in a way that is practical and usable. When you experience something that is pleasurable you invite that back into the mind, whereas if you experience something that is terrifying, you push it away.”
It is an honour to contribute to this global field of research that I am deeply passionate about. If you would like to know more the United Nations have published article through the World Meteorological Organization that you can access here -

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