• Beyond the Visible
  • Jasmine Targett - Beyond Visibility - Install View
  • Jasmine Targett - Beyond Visibility - Detail 2
  • Jasmine Targett - Beyond Visibility - Detail 4
  • Jasmine Targett - Inside the realm of invisible spheres 1

Beyond the Visible



L 200 W 200 H 180 mm

In Beyond the Visible, the view through the lens of the microscope is investigated. Delving within the eye, the looking glass takes on the physical form of the subject. The structures of cells, atoms and molecules can be viewed through the viewing portal.

Originating from NASA space technology, the looking domes sit on dichroic-lenses. The material was originally developed in the 1960s for the visor of space suit helmets to enable astronauts to be able to see in space without Earth’s protective atmosphere and ozone.

The material makes the form appear animated using reflected light to change colour depending on the angle on which it is viewed. Constantly presenting new aspects of its dimensional interpretation of form and space, the work references how contemporary science studies aspects of the natural world, revealing worlds within worlds Beyond the Visible.

This work and more in the series are currently available at https://cementfondu.org/

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