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Immeasurable Heaven/Self


L820 H 860 mm

The inquiry into existence through any of the tangible mediums of science, philosophy and art is a pursuit that reflects back extended perspective on ourselves, in a sense expanding the size of the self through the acquisition of a super identity, the self within the known universe. This is where the philosophical concept of existence meets the ecological correspondent.

Announced globally in 2015, Laniakea (Hawaiian for immeasurable heaven) is the galaxy supercluster that the Milky Way and 100,000 nearby galaxies sit within. Laniakea is currently described visually by scientists as a map of cosmic flows because there is no telescope or camera able to acquire it.  Its existence has been captured by observing how the supercluster’s energy influences the celestial objects around it.

Immeasurable Heaven/Self, is a hand drawn scientific calculation of Laniakea’s web of cosmic flows. Filtered through a computer and cut into radiant perspex (the same filter used on NASA space suit helmets). The highly reflective material is used as a medium to reflect and capture your self awareness. The work operates in a similar way to a telescope, simultaneously transferring the image into your mind’s eye while expanding your perception of yourself within the context of a galactic super cluster.

This work has been shared on social media #immeasurableheavenself


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