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Into Nature

Digital Print Series

Dimensions Vary

Into Nature is a series of large digital photographs that explore the existential crisis that arises from feelings of uncertainty about our environmental future. In the changing world, responses to environmental challenges have become mixed and varied. Key themes, or rather ‘tags’ are now inextricably liked to nature that include - under threat, endangered, in crisis and disaster. These imbue a sense of uncertainty, provoking a narrative within visual culture on aesthetics and emergency.

Immersed within Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, vacant of human markers, the images depict a handcrafted device for enhancing vision that allows the viewer to see deeper within their surroundings. The allegory within the image implies that as we look deeper, nature responds by opening  up a portal in the mind for a vision quest into nature.

Subsequent public artwork commission at Incinerator Gallery 2015 - Vision Quest: Into Nature

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