• Making Sense
  • Jasmine Targett - Making Sense - Installed CRAFT 2011
  • Jasmine Targett - Making Sense 2
  • Jasmine Targett - Life Support Install 1

Making Sense


Glass and Steel

L 600 W 450 H 600mm

The mirrored hand blown glass globe in Making Sense responds to Olafr Eliasson’s rhetoric on making sense- ‘The way we sense is actually something we can evaluate... we can take in our surroundings, but... as we do that, be critical about how we do it. How do we take part in the world in a way that is both responsible, but also have an impact on the world? How can I by looking at art for instance, make sense?’

-Olafur Eliasson

SFMOMA, 2007

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