• Super Ecology
  • Jasmine Targett - Super Ecology 2018. Print on Silk

Super Ecology


Size L1000mm H880mm

 “I wanted to create an image of the Earth that helped to narrow the gap between existence and the unseen life support system that sustains it, revealing more about the Super Ecology in which we now live.”

When we think of what the Earth looks like an image comes to mind of a perfect blue globe hanging in dark velvety space or a drawing from the cover a world atlas. Originating from the 1960s Space Race, these images form the visual basis of understanding the blue planet, its ecology and our existence. As an image it is missing fundamental information that communicates how Earth’s ecology functions and sustains life.

Working with Earth Observing Satellite Data (EOS) I was able to calculate a digital portrait of Earth’s atmosphere, making visible our life support system in Spring when the Ozone hole appears at its largest each year over Antarctica. Increasing in frequency, Ozone holes are a product of poor atmospheric health due to Anthropogenic environmental pollution originating from human activity.

A dark wonder of the super-ecological world, the ozone hole’s repeated presence highlights how the natural and artificial have become inextricably bound with one natural system. A super-ecological system of universal proportions from which no part is immune from the change of its counter parts.

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