• Vision Quest: Butterfly Effect
  • Jasmine Targett - Vision Quest - Butterfly Effect 2019

Vision Quest: Butterfly Effect


Billboard Print on Vinyl

Installation size - 6.6m x 2.8m

Project Location - Billboard at Knox Skate Park

Immerging from Jasmine’s continuing Vision Quest series, Butterfly Effect contemplates our connection to nature. The work highlights how small changes such as spending more time immersed in our natural surroundings helps us to become healthier; inspiring practical shifts in thinking and behaviour to help combat complex concerns surrounding our environment.

Artist Statement

Presented on an industrial skatepark billboard with the Dandenong ranges delicately hanging in the background Butterfly Effect echoes the chaos theory phenomenon where minute localized change in a complex system has the potential to have large effects elsewhere.

The image depicts a handcrafted device that allows the viewer to see deeper into the mountain landscape. The landscape in this image is mirrored. The device is doubled, creating the illusion of both a butterfly and portal.

The work explores how time spent in our local wild environments creates time and space to contemplate our connection to nature, its relevance in our lives today and the importance of protecting conservation areas. By doing small things we can create great change.

Butterfly Effect is inspired by the artist’s research into ‘Shinrin – Yoku’, the Japanese art and science of Forest-Bathing which gently promotes calm, health, happiness and wellbeing.

This artwork was commissioned by Knox City Council.

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