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Vision Quest


Steel Mirror and Binoculars

L 1000  W 1000  H 210mm

Vision Quest  meditates on how ‘as I observe I become aware of the limitless potential of what is out there and of myself. Beyond the surface of what I can see and beneath the surface of my skin I sense there is more than my eyes can comprehend on their own’.

In this experimental installation, binoculars are suspended in mid air, seamlessly attached to a steel lens-like mirror, reference a figure searching simultaneously within themselves and into the universe. This explores the idea that by consciously looking outward you become your own satellite, reflecting back detailed information from an expanded viewpoint, in the same way a camera is often referred to as a mirror with a memory. As the viewer looks into the binoculars they are able to see inside of their own eyes.

Using a refined aesthetic, this body of work focuses on a dialogue on perception created by the use of a lens and mirror . It stems from my broader field of enquiry within my practice that examines how climate science informs and changes the way nature is perceived and understood today. As a result of these new systems of knowledge challenging old beliefs Vision Quest and the subsequent series Vision Quest: Into Nature focus on the existential dilemma that arises. The product is a ‘vision quest’ into fathoming self-awareness within the context of the Anthropogenic era.

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