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What the eyes do not see


Telescopes and hand blown glass component

L800 W 2600 H 1600mm

"At night when I look through my telescope I often wonder could there be another person with a telescope looking back at me?"

I suffer from what 17th-century English philosopher Francis Bacon called ‘a mystified incomprehension that science alone cannot cure.’ When I think about observation I sense there is a greater connection between object and observer than my eyes can fathom. The Entanglement Paradox has scientifically proven that the observer and subject become molecularly entangled during observation creating an osmotic transference of energy and information. This connection happens instantaneously at a minimum of over 10,000 times faster than the speed of light.

What the eyes do not see aims to explore how observation challenges the way we understand the world, and how thinking about observation changes what we see.

This work was awarded the Senini Prize in 2014 by McClelland Gallery.
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