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Sneak Peak of New Exhibition

Sneak Peak of New Exhibition

Dear friends, colleagues and awesome supporters

It is my pleasure to give you a sneak peak of my new work and invite you to the exhibition opening The Catchments Project.

Please join us for a drink this Thursday 30th April to toast the work and merrily warm the opening of the new Creative Spaces: Carlton Connect Studio at LAB14. 700 Swanston Street, Carlton.

Exhibition runs till 16th May 2015.


In The Catchments Project artists Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett have researched how humanity manages or mismanages its nature-based assets surrounding water. Their understanding is that these actions will in part define our collective future in the 21st century.

The works presented in the exhibition address the challenge and complexity of The City of Melbourne’s climate change adaptation studies, surrounding reduced rainfall and drought. Their works Making Water Visible and The Water Harvest demonstrate how natural resources and man made catchments can work together to conserve our water within one “super-ecological” system.

This work was developed during the artists’ residency at the Creative Spaces: Carlton Connect Studio LAB-14. Creative Spaces is a program of the City of Melbourne’s Arts and Culture branch.


Special Announcement

We are delighted to announce that Guy Abrahams, Co-founder and CEO of CLIMARTE will be opening the Catchments Project exhibition and studio launch.

 "Throughout history the arts have played a major role in recording and reflecting the state of our society and of the natural world. At certain times we have needed the arts to also be a catalyst for change, a call to action, a pricking of the collective conscience. I believe that now is one of those times."Guy Abrahams was Director of Christine Abrahams Gallery in Melbourne for 22 years. In 2009 he was trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to give presentations on climate change. He has been a Board member of the Melbourne Art Fair and the National Gallery of Victoria Art Foundation, and National President of the Australian Commercial Galleries Association.










The Catchments Project is proudly presented as a part of the Art + Climate = Change Festival 2015.

To find out more about the festival and to check out whats on, go to:


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